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World market of industrial refrigeration systems in 2016 reached $25.7 bln.


Expected world market of industrial refrigeration systems in 2023 is $41.7 bln.

World market for air conditioning in 2016 reached $ 92.6 bln.

Expected average growth of air conditioning market per year in 2017 - 2021 is 4.93%

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Advanced Way

In the next decade existing air-conditioning and refrigeration systems based on HFC coolants will be banned due to their greenhouse effect. DAC is not affected by environmental regulations (emission limits) and has universal application, which makes it applicable almost anywhere in the world.

DAC is a like a modern light diode comparing to an old Edison bulb – it provides a universal solution and can be used in numerous ways. It is affordable and easy-to-install technology, which makes it perfect for any project.

DAC is a high energy efficiency refrigeration appliance and can be produced in series, can vary in performance according to the user's needs, can be placed firmly or used as a mobile unit and is adapted for industrial or residential buildings.

DAC is a universal technology to bring much more efficient and accessible cold where it is needed most. It allows not only reducing pollution limits, but significantly increases efficiency of any industry, which currently use air conditioning or refrigeration devices: 

Residential and office buildings

Food, livestock, fishing, farming enterprises

Data centers

Shopping, entertainment and sports facilities

Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industry

Energy production (e.g. nuclear power plants)

Transportation companies

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